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Phantom Limb Touring

is an international booking agency, and the live 'wing' of the Phantom Limb family. We represent artists that want to be themselves.

Since 2017 we have worked tirelessly to ensure appropriate live contexts for our select roster of artists performing for broadly-termed 'emerging' audiences.


We carry the good word about the people we work with and often make arrangements vibing opposed to established routes to market.

A proportion of our roster are connected via our label partnerships; some are connected through our own creative endeavours, Phantom Limb Records, our publishing 'wing', and basic fandom.

Many of our artists straddle difficult musical territories, falling between the gaps, or dismissing and avoiding them completely. We view these characteristics as strengths, not weaknesses. Ordinarily, there is more to the context of an artist than may at first appear, which demands a little extra investigation and discovery.

In 2019 we started curating live editions of our own, with a Ka Baird, Robert Aubrey Aiki Lowe & Sarathy Korwar improvised performance promoted in conjunction with

Earth Cruises at Cafe OTO.

We continue to build on existing partnerships for the ongoing support of our network and look forward to foraging new ones.


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