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Roster Nationality | Territory represented | Available period

Ahmed ag Kaedy / Amanar de Kidal Mali | EUR

Sahel Sounds' avant Tuareg desert folk master and leader of Kidal's local preference Amanar

BLK JKS South Africa | EUR

Experimental rock band - from touring with Foo Fighters, just released their second LP Abantu/Before humans to world-wide rapture

Chancha via Circuito Argentina | UK

Global pioneers of Cumbia with full band / DJ sets available

claire rousay USA | EUR

Prolific sound artist, experimental musician, improviser; a refreshing air of humour runs through her deeply revealing works

Dylan Henner WORLD

Anonymous multi disciplined ambient maestro

Dog In The Snow UK | WORLD

Brilliantly observant electronic musician and advocate Helen Ganya fronted for 2nd Bella Union LP forthcoming

Emily A. Sprague | Florist USA | EUR

Dreamy modular electronics and poetry concerned with the connectivity of all things

Elsa Hewitt UK | EUR

Ambient experimental singer songwriter remixing her own songs using sophisticated processing

Eric Chenaux Canada | EUR

Intrepid explorer of free/improvised music, folkways, bent jazz, and sculptural sound

Fran & Flora UK | EUR

Virtuoso Eastern European-informed string duo

DJ Felix Hall UK | WORLD

Conscious dancehall authority and NTS resident DJ

食品まつり a.k.a foodman Japan | WORLD

Fearless pioneering footwork mutations

Gwenifer Raymond UK | EUR

Welsh solo instrumental American Primitive fingerstyle guitarist with a PHD in astrophysics

Grimm Grimm UK | EUR

Solo and collaborative eternal, acid-washed blissed-out psych-indie-pop

Gyða Valtýsdóttir Iceland | EUR

múm founder-member & cellist in various projects

Houssam Gania Morocco | EUR

Sons of Maleem Mahmoud Gania with the true continuation of the Gnawa tradition

Humbros France | EUR

Dual masters of electronic and acoustic combinations, highly rated new record out on PL!

Ichiko Aoba Japan | EUR

Visionary Japanese ambient guitar veteran makes waves in lead up to November 2021 dates!

Jason Sharp Canada | EUR

Montreal mainstay's solo exploration of the body and technology combined

Ka Baird  USA | EUR

Intensely engaged vocal and electronic performer, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator

Meitei Japan | EUR

Unrivalled neo-revitalising of the Japanese mood

Lapsung UK | EUR

Visceral highly visual warped/screwed next level live DJ and sound design project

Miguel Noya Venezuela | EUR

Unbelievably under-exposed innovator in ambient synthesised music finally receiving critical acclaim

Palberta USA | EUR

Highly engaging Brooklyn based femme-punk trio learned their instruments on the road

Penya UK | EUR

Exploration of ancestral rhythms that reimagines the global music landscape. 

Richard Skelton UK | WORLD

Inspired ambient project with new record for 2020 shifting gears considerably into full electronic composition

Sugai Ken Japan | EUR

Master of deep dives into ambient-psyche and full of playfullness

Tashi Wada Group USA | EUR

Featuring Julia Holter, percussionist Corey Fogel & Ezra Buchla expanding on evident Fluxus roots

Wacław Zimpel Poland | EUR

Highly celebrated reed player with multiple capacities and incoming new projects


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