yndi halda (GBR)

Label: Big Scary Monsters

Period: Now booking May 2019

Listen:  https://yndihalda.bandcamp.com/album/a-sun-coloured-shaker

Unhurried in their approach, ecological and preferring considered landscape to artlessly epic, their time since forming the band as teenagers has lead them to achieve a longstanding position as one of British post-rock's founding fathers and multiple world tours.

Three releases have seen them move from strictly ambient / post rock territory, to more cinematic / explorative realms and even allowing themselves to feature vocals on latest release A Sun​-​Coloured Shaker. The departure from the steadfast instrumental format they are known for marks an evolution that levels up with the changes we face in the wider world, reflected in art and music. Change is usual, inclusivity is de rigueur, so why can't yndi sing?

The back story of yndi is an attractive one; school friends who grew their project to maturity as a world touring act, enjoying a worldwide fan base. The saga continues, as they tour this year for the second time throughout the USA and Canada, the UK, and Europe next year.


"A band who are clearly challenging themselves and the very conventions of post-rock...Powerful." - Pitchfork

"Epic beauty" - Drowned in Sound

"Vast and ambitious...Braids big choral harmonies, classical string arrangements, dreaminess and beneath it all, pop hooks." - FACT

Mail: andrew[at]phantom-limb.co.uk (UK, EU)

Live @ Dunk 2016

Live @ Brudenell Leeds 2016