Tangents (AUS)

Label: Temporary Residence

Period: April 2019 - please enquire

Listen: https://tangents.bandcamp.com/

Springing forth from a collusion of mutual respect for each others work, Tangents set out to mark new territory dreaming of a band that was 'post-everything' in the face of a lack of existing boxes for them to fit.

Straddling jazz, experimental, post-rock, electronic, dance, improvisation, rock and pop styles, the 5 piece combine emotional landscapes with hectic programmed beats and sparse drumming, before breaking things down to minimal ambiences.

Their marriage with beacon of monumental post rock Temporary Residence has grown the band's international reputation immensely, fostering their art through it's established channels into a serious contender for one of the most interesting live and on record bands of recent times.

Fitting that their first record should be made in the steeps of history, produced from the fruits of an initial improvisation session, picking through the takes and melding them into a coherent whole. The vast array of talents of it's members coordinating in a natural meeting of minds and approaches to create the whole that is Tangents.


"Tangents artfully mix acoustic instruments and electronics in pieces that combine improvisation with careful processing. At their best, they bring to mind Can, Tortoise, Four Tet, and the Necks. Tangents’ impulses tug them toward the margins, even as their combined force pushes them ever onward. It makes following in their wake the most captivating kind of journey." - Pitchfork

an exercise in beat-laden serenity” – listing 'Stateless' in their 10 Best Jazz Albums of 2016 - Treblezine.com

The quintet are so comfortable working with jazz, folk music, post-rock and electronic music that comfortably hangs in a space between them all.” — FACT 

"New Bodies is a record of paradoxes, that of a group without constraints or attachments that follows the thread of its inspiration without worrying about labels, to the delight of our ears always eager for virgin territories to explore. Masterpiece!" - Indie Rock Mag (France)

"With only three albums in the bag, the Australian band has already shown to be idiosyncratic and full of creativity and experimental drive. At its most minimal and jazzy it may appear a bit like the other Australian improv jazz act The Necks. But Tangents still sound mainly like themselves."

Written In Music (Netherlands)

'Swell Under Tito' (Official live shot video)

N-Mission (Live)

Mail: andrew[at]phantom-limb.co.uk (UK, EU, ROW)