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Tales From The Sticks

Sculpture & six hanging artworks

by Gaspard Casimir

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“Tales From The Sticks is made of old bed sheets, cut and stained with young bramble leaves. A first layer of silkscreen printing has been applied to all six pieces of fabric. This image was used as a base and background or playground to paint on, and interact with it, in different ways. From interacting with this scenery, emerge possibilities of inhabiting and occupying a land to be built.”


Sculpture and six hanging artworks

Artists' Bio

Gaspard Casimir

Gaspard Casimir was born in 1993 in Paris. He lives and works in Rezé, Paris, Rennes, and on the road too. He graduated from the 75 Fine Arts School in Brussels in 2016 with a BA in printmaking. Then he taught himself traditional wood working skills before obtaining a carpentry degree in 2019. Gaspard has developed a practice where art and craft meet and interact in order to tell fictional narratives. Characters explore worlds that reflect our own, dystopian futures reveal truths about current struggles and loopholes. 


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