Seth Graham (USA)

Label: Orange Milk

Period: Apr 2019 - please enquire


Seth Graham's Gasp saw him widely covered in mainstream and underground press, hailing the LP as one of the most accomplished examples of modern composition, synthesis and experimental / avant-gard music.

A student of philosophy, and deliberately oblivious to the functions of genres and hype, Graham is co-owner of experimental imprint Orange Milk; responsible for putting out so much of the current flow of zany, yet classically informed electronic music on classic formats, again flying in the face of considered trends of the new establishment.

He sites modern composers such as "Gerard Grisey, Julius Eastman, Barbara Hannigan and Noah Creshevsky, who all explore teasing, lighthearted audio elements."

Live, Graham's show is an engaged experience, both for him, and his audience. Relying on just the music and his stage presence, leaving any sort of equipment off the performance stage, projecting additionally with visuals, he controls everything from the same control pad he uses to fire off all manner of warped digital blobs of classical music and petrified glitches.

Key Press:

10 Albums to Stream right Now​: "co-founder of Orange Milk – possibly the world's most vital cassette label right now – unleashes a collage-y pile-up of orchestral explosions and electronic noise, an unpredictable 27 minutes of violent jabs, abrupt punctuations, syllables, slurps, silence and ASMR elements. - Rolling Stone Magazine

"With Gasp, Graham stands at a crossroads, evoking influential modern composers such as Noah Creshevsky yet diving headfirst down a technological rabbit hole that belies the act of composition altogether. He successfully navigates this circuitous and multi-dimensional route: his music is both extremely listenable and limitlessly mesmerizing." - Exclaim

"Album of the day: ...Gasp is further removed from pop than Man Feelings is, moments like the sax “solo” and dramatic caesura in the middle of “RMB” or the propulsive second half of “Binary Tapioca” offer the structure and uplift one looks for in a great pop track. Aptly titled, Gasp is a burst of unnameable energy, and then it disappears." - Bandcamp Daily

Live @ Pittsburgh (view from 50:06)

Mail: andrew[at] (UK, EU)