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Pram of Dogs

July 14th 2023


UK film & TV composer Pram of Dogs returns to Phantom Limb’s Spirituals imprint with brand new album Unland, a series of greyscale industrial-ambient landscapes performed for church organ and repurposed archival DAT recordings.

Pram of Dogs is a project born from an obsession with forgotten film scores and cult cinema. Anonymous and enigmatic, a rare biographical insight we have been allowed is that Pram of Dogs also works as a composer of filmscore. New album Unland sees Pram of Dogs expand to its flexible, occasional mode as a duo. The second musician is another respected name in the film composition world, but, true to form, their name also remains undisclosed. The influence of this practice is readily evident in the music of Unland. It is both harrowing and entirely immersive, devastating in its effect and many-layered in its storytelling. The record’s yearning beauty mirrors cinematic greats such as, while its scorching sonics recall contemporary experimental music. But even without revealing their identity, the skill and dexterity of the Unland reveals an immense talent.

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