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Francesca Ter-Berg

April 16th 2021

In Enyem

In Eynem, the debut EP by acclaimed cellist Francesca Ter-Berg, straddles the worlds of live processing, improvisation and traditional folk song. Weaving together fragments of field recordings, samples and beats with winding cello melodies and tunes from the Yiddish and Sinti Manouche traditions, the EP is a mesmeric first peek into the cellist’s recorded solo works.

The EP’s two more electronic recordings - ‘Hinges’ and ‘Wtybcrechk’ - showcase Ter-Berg’s prowess as a cellist, improviser and performer. The sounds of the cello are moulded into entrancing droning whirlwinds of sound, enhanced by Ter-Berg's voice, field recordings and electronics. Recorded live, these pieces illustrate the emotional rawness and sonic potential of the cello as an instrument.

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