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Corroded Spiral

December 3rd 2021

Ancient Nocturnal Summoning

"Four tracks of skull-caving noise, mutant electronics and tar-thick, lysergic menace. Not for the fragile of mind."
Metal Hammer

"Would you expect anything less from such visionaries?"
Pop Matters

Vital new supergroup Corroded Spiral - comprised of Sepultura co-founder Iggor Cavalera, Venezuelan electronic producer Cardopusher, and Dwid Hellion, founder of early hardcore trailblazers Integrity - announce punishing debut EP Ancient Nocturnal Summoning.

Corroded Spiral’s debut release crosses the boundaries of black metal, hardcore, new wave, industrial and EBM, a sum of decades of experience and powerful musicality from bona fide giants of their respective fields. Its three members contribute not just stylistic influence but three unique voices and a boundless ocean of abilities.

Ancient Nocturnal Summoning captures the intensity, horror and supernatural dread of its title. Its darkness is more creative and more demanding than distorted riffs or blastbeats; but instead is raw, spiritual, apocalyptic, and occasionally illuminated with sparks of melody that shimmer within a suffocating blackness. A seething tension that excavates deep, dark fissures of the soul.

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