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Bryan Senti

September 20th 2019

American Dreamer [official soundtrack]

Senti’s brilliant, powerful score to Derrick Borte’s newest picture American Dreamer, starring Jim Gaffigan.

The movie - Borte’s fifth picture - is a dark and intense study of desperation and of the failings of American socio-political systems. It is masterfully led by Gaffigan, playing a ride-share driver let down by his own mistakes, trapped in an economic system with no safety net. His pursuit of a quick and easy solution to deepening financial troubles sees the movie gently, gradually shift in mood, from nuanced and sympathetic to tense and unsettling. Senti’s eloquent soundtrack matches its pace and architecture, conjuring breathtaking beauty, heartbreaking sadness and nailbiting tautness.

Removed from the movie, Senti’s score carries the same vast depth of meaning, playing as if a stirring, emotive solo album by a highly creative, widely skilled composer / performer. It is comprised chiefly of analogue & modular synthesis and piano, tethered to an intuitive understanding of songwriting musicality,

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