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Brady Cohan

July 29th 2022

Studies, Vol. 3

LA film composer and guitarist Brady Cohan offers the final edition of his fascinating, ongoing series for solo guitar and electronics with the dark sparsity of Studies, Vol. 3.

Studies, Vol. 3 takes a neat step along from the themes and styles of its earlier cousins. Where Vol. 1 leant into lush Malibu balm and Sam Wilkes’ slo-mo grooves, and Vol. 2 darkens into a Lynchian noir featuring Sam Gendel’s blurry treated saxophone, Vol. 3 takes us to a new destination still. Its deconstructed, cubist guitar journeys weave similar patterns to avant-guitar’s deftest practitioners such as Loren Connors, Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke or Tashi Dorji. And across all three volumes of Cohan’s Studies is the same skilled, agile handling of guitar and electronics; the same radical chill of downtown LA’s vital jazz scene; the same distillation of musical mastery honed by years of composing filmscore. Studies Vol. 3 tidily sews up the set while contributing a whole new world of strange sonics itself.

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