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Brady Cohan

December 4th 2020

Studies, Vol. 1

LA composer and guitarist Brady Cohan announces his debut solo work for guitar and electronics, the lush, gentle Studies, Vol. 1 EP. Recorded around his film score work, Studies, Vol. 1 represents a hugely accomplished musician-for-hire expressing his own immense creativity.

As a musician, Brady Cohan inhabits multiple creative worlds. He is a key part of the vital Downtown LA jazz scene that features musicians such as Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes (who, indeed, features on Studies, Vol. 1) and Josiah Steinbrick. As a sought-after Hollywood film composer and assistant composer, his credits include Good Girls and Crashing. His session guitar playing has seen him tour alongside such giants as Stewart Copeland, Queen Latifah, Stanley Clarke, Natalie Cole and countless more. His debut solo work, Studies, Vol. 1, distills these contrasting musical influences and backgrounds into a uniquely eloquent instrumental collection, subtly energising and brimming with life. A record, he writes, that “connects the way I play the guitar with the kind of music I want to write.”

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