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MOON LANDING (Ver 2.0 Longgyi)

Moving Image & Audio

by Moe Myat May Zarchi aka P.O.E.M & Benjamin Oliver

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“This audiovisual collage work juxtaposes two situations - the first time mankind landed and planted the US flag on the moon and when Myanmar women first used their skirts (longgyis) as flags high in the sky to revolt against the men-led military coup. Explored in a rebellious glitched mashup manner, the two concepts stimulate questions about revolution, freedom, claiming spaces, victory, colonisation and outdated patriotism. A malfunctioning version of the American national anthem, ‘Star Spangled Banner’, is pitted against the revolutionary chants of Burmese women with the atmospheric sonic background of recordings from the NASA moon landing.”


Moving image and audio

Artists' Bio

Moe Myat May Zarchi

Moe Myat May Zarchi is a film director and a lens-based multidisciplinary artist. She works with a vast range of media such as photos, video, sound, and installation. She founded ‘3-ACT’ in 2018, a cinema magazine, a film education hub and an independent production house. Recently, she co-founded an artist-run interdisciplinary arts initiatives called ‘MATTER audiovisual lab’. She also makes experimental pop music under a pseudonym "P.O.E.M."


Benjamin Oliver
Benjamin Oliver is a composer, conductor and jazz pianist. His music has been performed internationally and broadcast on BBC Radio 3. His  ‘Loop Concerto for jazz trio and large ensemble’ was nominated in the Contemporary Jazz category of the British Composer Awards 2017. Ben is Associate Professor in Composition and current Head of Music at the University of Southampton.


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