"to be coveted with fervour" - Vinyl Factory

"does brilliantly what so much ambient music strives to, imparting a specific feeling to a listener who might be thousands of miles and even centuries away from its source"

- The Fader

"fragments from an ancient dream laid across the MPC" - Pitchfork

"Searching for the lost Japanese mood" ~ Hiroshima-based artist and composer Meitei sweeps you into a nostalgic Japanese world you’ve never known. Meitei channels influences ranging from traditional art forms through modern styles to ethereal effect – each track feeling like a secret universe unto itself. Wabi Sabi – a Japanese aesthetic and worldview centred around finding beauty in imperfections as well as the transience of life.

In storytelling, to build a world is to set the boundaries of a shapeless void. Writers set out to fill that vast emptiness with natural laws, intricate systems that interact with one another and organize the stories of their inhabitants. Some worlds are rooted in fantasy, while others are more grounded in the annals of history. Meitei draws heavily from both of these notions, resulting in sonic landscapes that are as indebted to J. Dilla and Steve Reich as they are to East Asian instrumentation and noted Japanese producers like Susumu Yokota.

Crafted with the stated mission of recapturing what he describes as a “lost Japanese mood,” the tracks on Meitei’s latest release were inspired by the recent loss of his 99-year-old grandmother. The album derives its title from Ono no Komachi, the eighth century waka poet whose mythical beauty and profoundly wistful writing earned her countless suitors and elevated her to the stuff of legend. (In Japanese, komachi is often used as shorthand for a great feminine beauty.)

Meitei travelled to Barcelona for his first ever European performance on March 7 @ Mutek, a performance which was dubbed one of the highlights of the weekend; his show was dubbed as an 'embrace'.

Strong press has formulated since day 1 including AOTY listings from Ghostly International, Avalon Emerson's Buy Music Club & Bleep.

Previous European dates: Mutek Barcelona

Meitei flies from Hiroshima

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