Masaki Batoh (JPN)

Label: Drag City

Period: April 2019 - please enquire


Masaki has been inspiring psych and experimental music fans since the 80s.

Known largely for his work with the seminal band Ghost, he has been releasing new music at a continually high rate with his new band The Silence over the last couple of years. The band makes a psyche but fun sound, featuring loads of brass, experimental sections which move back into the real world before getting too overbearing and freaky, and an unmistakable dedication to the psyche rock cause effortlessly dictated by Batoh's dulcet ebb and tones.


Known for his solo experiments with a brain wave machine to monitor stress levels, Masaki will return to the EU for the first time in a long time during 2019 to tour in support of the release of his brand new TBA solo LP! The record is formed of more acoustic and folk-rock inspired sounds.


BandCamp Daily feature "A Guide to the Visionary Psychedelia of Masaki Batoh"

The Wire -
“…seven months later, you get the main course. Despite (still) sorely missing Michio
Kurihara on guitar, The Silence are turning into a great psychedelic band.”

The 405 – video premiere

The Quietus – Columnfortably Numb

'Nine Suns one Morning'

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