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Regularly mentioned in the same breath as innovators Andy Stott and Moodyman with original releases on DDS, Sähkö, Hinge Finger, Morphine, Meakusma and others...

As a DJ, Madteo is famed for "blends of street-smart flavours and sweaty basement vibes" stretching his obsessive crate-digger credentials through house, disco, boogie and acid.

Appeared at Batofar, Meetfactory, Tresor, Terminal, Full Up, Jasna 1, Dabadaba,  ​about blank, Bunker, ​Kafe Haerverk, Salon Zur Wilden Renate, ​Karlstorbahnhof, Golden Pudel, Paloma, Bar A Bar, Macao, Forestlimit, Sideway, Bassiani, Commend, Musicbox Lisbon etc... 



07/05/20 Urvakan Festival
15/05/20 London, Cafe OTO
04/09/20 Meakusma Festival



>Crack essential mixes via Trushmix


"For our money, it's a straight-up masterpiece of loose-limbed club gear, especially recommended if yr into Andy Stott, Joy O, Mica Levi, Moodymann...!!!"

Boomkat about DDS' 'Dropped Out Sunshine' out now...

"will likely melt in your hand on the way back to your apartment."

Tiny Mix Tapes on his previous cassette for DDS 'Forest Limit'

>Especially good Resident Advisor portrayal


>Madteo's own Tumblr with mixes and stuff

>Feature on Sähkö featuring Madteo essential release

>Fabric interview from

>Ransom Note on Robert ÆOLUS Myers rework 


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