Les Halles (FRA)

Label: Not Not Fun

Period: Available - please enquire

Listen: https://halles.bandcamp.com/

Les Halles explores the broad spectrum of experimental music with a certain appetite for new age and lo-fi currents. His ambient music, imbued with lightness and bucolism, transports us into idyllic and harmonious environments conducive to a certain introspection.


In the spring of 2018, California label Not Not Fun released his new LP titled "Zephyr".

Previously LPs composed of largely rich organ based composition, and in a departure, his newest LP is made entirety from samples of organic instruments.

Anonymous exotica collagist(s) Les Halles craft patchworks of flutes, pan-pipes, streams and harps, turning the clichéd tape-tones of 80's new age chill into something more warped and weird, yet possessed of a delicious narcotising power. 
- Mojo

Rather than the common temporal manipulation of reversing or speeding things up, Martin has created a strangely lateral sonic landscape where the sound appears to move sideways; it washes right through you and synth textures slowly rise, before falling serenely together in his own minimalist style. 
- Electronic Sound





Mail: andrew[at]phantom-limb.co.uk (UK, EU)