Kink Gong (FRA)

Label: Discrepant, Akuphone, Sublime Frequencies

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Laurent Janneau is an impressively prolific field recordist of various music forms, most especially the music of ethnic minorities of South East Asia. If you’ve got more than a smattering of Sublime Frequencies releases on your shelves, its likely at least some will have Janneau’s fingerprints on them and his website details a mind-boggling catalogue of recordings and collections he’s produced.

But when Janneau replaces his ethnomusicologist hat with his producer’s hat, a different kind of magic happens as he manipulates and interacts with his recordings, editing, re-appropriating, chopping and screwing or just interacting, to create a skewed and often psychedelic music of an ethnicity and nationality that is still yet to be born.

Recent shows have included at Alice Copenhagen, Milhoes de Festa, Portugal and Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria in Perugia.


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