Ka Baird


“layers of celestial moments urgency and other-worldy song” - The Wire


"a force you can feel in your bones" - Pitchfork

"folding cosmic distance into each and every breath” - Bandcamp

Ka Baird is an American recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer based in New York City. She is known and heralded for her raw, ecstatic, and boundary pushing live solo performances which often involve energetic and experimental body movements, vocal/mic techniques and flute playing. She is one of the founding and continuing members of the group Spires That In The Sunset Rise that was founded in Chicago in 2001. Her current work explores improvisation, electroacoustic interventions, extended vocal techniques, electronics and various woodwinds that culminates in a vigorous type of “body music" that seeks extreme release through physical exertion.

She released "Sapropelic Pycnic" through independent label Drag City in September of 2017. Her latest release "Respires" came out through Brooklyn imprint RVNG Intl in October 2019. Ka tours regularly in Europe as well as internationally. Her shows are commended for her ability to nearly lose herself in the moment, searching for some higher, deeper meaning through a process of abandonment and hyper musings.

Respires, the second solo album by Ka Baird, blurs the line between word and action, definition and possibility. Spirited yet restrained, bearing its wildly thrummed heart strings and inner calm alike, Respires ventures toward the unknown, charting the shifting ground of experimental music and the rewards born of risk.

Tapping the ecstatic energy and cathartic experience of Baird’s live sets, pushing the extremes of psychological and physical release, Respires represents an unquestionable leap for an artist already out on a limb. Largely written and recorded across the length of 2018, the eight pieces align as a series of visceral actions, captured, culled, and intricately shaped by Baird, then expanded with contributions from Zach Rowden (bass), Max Eilbacher and Andrew Fitzpatrick (synths), and Greg Fox (drums).

Previous European dates: Unsound Festival, Tusk Festival, Papiripar Festival, Cafe OTO, LOM, Inkonst, Le Guess Who, KRAAK

Ka Baird flies from New York

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