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In Solidarity (A Triptych)

Three framed artworks

by Kim Macari

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“In Solidarity celebrates the power of protest song and of civil disobedience. Taking three periods of protest from the Scottish Crofters Rebellion and the Highland Clearances in the 1880s to the Iraq War in the 2000s and finally the 2021 military coup in Myanmar, the work uses three works of protest song in their native language along with instructions and phrases translated across all three languages for improvisers to use. The three songs are Òran Beinn Lì (credit Màiri Mhòr nan Òran), Painted It White (credit: Karine Polwart) and A Yay Kyi Pyi (credit: Htoo Ein Thin) translated by Maighread Stiubhart, Pinky Htut Aung and Musica Htet.


Collaborators and audiences will all have their own version of the works; there are very few, if any, people who are fluent in Burmese, English and Gaelic and so I hope something within people will rise to meet the work. Use of three languages encourages a democratisation and unity - a shared experience of understanding and of ignorance.”

Òran Beinn Lì - Màiri Mhòr nan Òran 

Painted It White - Karine Polwart

A Yay Kyi Pyi - Htoo Ein Thin




Gaelic: Maighread Stiubhart 

Burmese: Pinky Htut Aung, Musica Htet


Three framed artworks

Artists' Bio

Kim Macari

Kim Macari is an artist-activist immersed in the world of improvised music and graphic scores. Her work often centres around political, ethical and environmental themes and she is particularly interested in both ekphrasis and data sonification. The belief that art can be a powerful force for change and that creative expression is vital for individual empowerment underpins all that she does.

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