Indriði (ISL / DEU)

Label: figureight

Period: Spring 2019 EU tour - please enquire


After signing to international heavy music label Prosthetic Records with post hardcore band Muck, Indriði toured tours the world. His solo works take him further towards the left field and avant-art world. His growth beyond from the Iceland and relocation to Berlin, has led the way to his new record Ding Ding out now on figureight.

His new live band with members of proto punks Balagan and Icelandic accomplice, Theramin virtuoso Hekla Magnúsdóttir, play Indriði's somber, inward peering, reflective, youthful songs. The record further solidifies figureight's representative standpoint, presenting what comes through the figureight studio, and it's burgeoning creative community.

The project reveals a tender, unforced side to Indriði's personality, allowing deeper vocal tones, some in English some in Icelandic, and elegant, wandering guitar style depicting moods, leading to an all-together essential and emotive end point.

Previous solo album 'Makril' was heralded as "something quite magical" in Clash, and he has already performed at Iceland Airwaves in 2016 and 2017.

Tour plans for 2019 include live dates across Germany and Italy.






KEXP Session @ Iceland Airwaves 2017 

Live @ 8mm, Berlin'


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