Musicians Masaaki Yoshida (aka anchorsong), Lakker, Rully Shabara (of Indonesian experimentalists Senyawa) and Dylan Henner unite to rescore 1984 Soviet animation There Will Come Soft Rains.

All beginning with the same source material, their respective new soundtracks are strikingly different.

London-based Japanese musician Masaaki Yoshida releases (primarily with Tru Thoughts) under the name anchorsong. His jazz-inspired electronica is formed from his virtuosic mastery of the MPC.

Irish electronic duo Lakker are mainstays of seminal electronic / dance label R&S. Their avant-techno graces as many dancefloors as experimental music venues.


Rully Shabara is best known as vocalist for renowned Indonesian experimental duo Senyawa. He is a specialist in extended vocal technique, conjuring strange and glossolalic sounds from his voice and processing them in unique ways.


Finally, ambient newcomer Dylan Henner remains a secretive figure, offering little biographical information but allowing his blissful neo-minimalism to speak for him.