Hornbeef (DEU)

Label: Shoebill Music

Period: TBC - please enquire

Listen:  https://soundcloud.com/shoebill-music/kadenzia-officinalis

James Vella's A Lily project allows him to explore territories outside any real categorisation, as solo projects often do, and provide light relief from his usual occupations infinitely involved in the creation of musical releases on multiple imprints.

Recent release 'A Shadow and me Makes Three' are less ambivalent to the lighter side of life, creating an impression of optimism in a world so dominated by terror. Naming songs after associates and choosing drones in place of verbs, James weaves an interesting narrative for his counterpart soundtrack to sideline writing activities. An interesting, engaged and evolving soundtrack at that.


"These are carefully sculpted minimal sounds, cloaking the sources of clarinet and brass, organ and voice, and guitar, immersed in a mist of acoustic effects, resulting in a pensive atmosphere somewhere between wake and sleep." - Headphone Commute

"The shifts in timbre and palette from one track to the next infer the subtleties of personality. Each is a beautiful, flowering, conscious composition." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"...lush accompaniment creating a dense background that never seems too busy. You add in these softly floating vocals, and you’ve got a hands-down winner that begs your time."

- Austin Town Hall

Mail: andrew[at]phantom-limb.co.uk (UK, EU)

Live for Bowlegs

Music video for The Sparrow in the Lemon Tree