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Phantom Limb covers label infrastructure and staffing, in all & any combination of the below

  • manufacturing

  • physical and digital distribution worldwide or partner acquisition and liaison

  • release schedules and campaign management

  • promotion: in-house press and radio or partner acquisition and liaison

  • retail support and playlist pitching

  • marketing

  • stock management and shipping

  • merch fulfilment

  • day-to-day label management and overview

  • creating and issuing contracts

We can also handle publishing and rights holding, including general contracts and admin

  • our publishing wing is run by Music Sales

  • we offer master sync representation in the US and UK

  • our publishing sync representation is worldwide

And we can contribute creatively where needed

  • we can help / advise on A&R

  • we can provide artwork OR lay out existing artwork




Head here for more info on our distribution wing

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