Enyang Ha (KOR/DEU)

Period: Available throughout 2019 - please enquire

Label: Mnemony




Berlin's shining light, Enyang Ha is a young woman fearlessly cutting her own path in electronic music and futurist-techno today. Djing and fast mastering her own techniques in an inclusive and open/community context.

Live Set @Arena Club Berlin on 13.07.2018https://soundcloud.com/enyang_ha/13072018-live-set-arena-club-berlin

The listener is invited into peaceful sounds of nature that then collapse with noise and swelling, heavy riff influenced techno drums. Dissonance on the peak of this journey disappears in the harmony of her voice. Continuous experiments with the possibilities of synthesis technology overcome or even demolish the boundaries of genres throughout her offering of every live synthesiser performance.

Classically trained Enyang moved from her birth place South Korea to Germany to pursue music full time. She quickly became comfortable in Berlin's multi-faceted electronic scene. Successfully achieving Berlin Musicboard funding which secured her placement in Marseille to help and encourage her focus on the creative processes behind her music. She shared and benefitted from the sharing of her processes with other artists.


Article on Red Light Radio.

Enyang’s music, Forest Case was broadcasted on radio. Listen from1:28:30.


DJ Set @Red Light Radio Amsterdam on 06.08.2018

Past/Future Live:​

10.04.2018 Übel und Gefährlich, Hamburg (LIVE)
05.07.2018 House of Weekend, Berlin (DJ)
13.07.2018 Arena Club, Berlin (LIVE)
04.08.2018 Noorderschip, Amsterdam (LIVE)
06.08.2018 Red Light Radio, Amsterdam (DJ)
07.09.2018 Mensch Meier, Berlin (LIVE)
12.10.2018 IFZ, Leipzig (LIVE)

20.10.2018 RIAM Festival, Marseille (LIVE)
25.10.2018 Ausland, Berlin (LIVE)
10.11.2018 generate!_lab Festival for Electronic Arts, Tübingen (LIVE)

Mail: andrew[at]phantom-limb.co.uk