Edgeslayer (USA)

Label: Objects Limited​

Period: Available throughout 2019 - please enquire

Listen: https://edgeslayer.bandcamp.com/album/edge-slayer

Emerging from the New Orleans experimental / trans / LGBTQ+ scene, having supported the blossoming network via her own Séancé party focused around black women & Barbie's Inferno, and alternative Pride party her sound blends elements of grim sound palettes with New Orleans bounce music and other club styles via dream/nightmare ambiences.


Edgeslayer started out as a classically trained artist, funded largely by her mother with a high value of art. Similarly to hyperstar Jlin, she sees her art as one which comes from within, exactly driven by her own experiences and inspirations, and an act of sharing vulnerability. Her focus of inspirations are the left field emerging experimental scenes, dance music styles and the psychology of transitioning.


Objects Limited recognised as one of the key proponents of left field electronics focused on femme/trans/non-binary artists including Ziúr, RUI HO and Jana Rush run by Lara Rix-Martin.

The best way to get to grips with the artist in question is to read her insights into her work:


Rigorous Mag: (Interview)

"My work is very radical. The idea of seeing yourself as a goddess when you are a fat, black, darker-skinnned trans woman is inherently radical. The media's idea of trans femininity has the boundaries of passing as cis. It’s smooth, thin, modelesque; it’s light skinned and mixed race. I feel like all of my work highlights this. I do not police myself into shaving, or photoshop my curves and imperfections. I use software to manipulate the environment or background to create a sexual setting. Too often women like me are thrust into motherly roles because of my size, especially trans women who dont fit into the slim femme queen aesthetic. I break these barriers by baring it all or most."

"My major influences are iconography from african based religions, iwa, and orisha. Images of women from less-patriarchal pasts that were strong! powerful! I try to bring that to my work digitally, the images are full of symbolism and magical references."

"Awol Erizuku is one of my favorite artists, she reworks classical arts images in her image. I got inspiration for my works from this. Seeing a black woman in classical pieces changed the game for me."



"This Objects Limited debut from Edge Slayer, an LA-based promoter and multimedia artist, might be the most unsettling thing you'll hear today."

Resident Advisor (Roll Me One stream)

"Edge Slayer puts on parties in New Orleans that, in her own words, look like a “Malibu Dreamhouse airlifted to the fiery shores of hell.” The music she makes almost can’t help but be good. Edge Slayer’s music is about soundtracking spaces for black trans women but, as with so much music emerging from radical spaces right now (see also the NON Worldwide collective, Rabit’s Halcyon Veil), it demands the attention of the wider world. Influences from all kinds of club, ballroom, and bounce music slip and slide over one another in a dubwise echo chamber, with crooned vocals adding to the EP’s dreamlike quality. Once again, the Objects Limited label proves to be one of the very best in the game."

BandCamp Daily: (The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: September 2018)

Should you believe the cover, the stretched-out, doom-bounce tracks that make up the self-titled EP from this Lousiana-based multimedia artist come straight from the sort of hell that Xavier Renegade Angel might dream up, were he the member of the heavenly host to betray his place in the sky. Which, honestly, is a decent way of understanding these songs; they’re funny, surreal, heavy depictions of living in the world as a queer, trans person—of being locked into a situation you never chose. "No Safe Space," a haunting ballad about the tenuousness of existence in a marginalized body, uses a sample from Mortal Kombat as a an exclamation point that’s both goofy and terrifying: "Finish her! Finish her!" With desperation, Edge Slayer tweaks the exclamation slightly in her own voice: "Finish me."

Noisey: (Stream of the Crop: 10 New Albums for Heavy Rotation)







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