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Dictatorship Must Fail

Graphic Score

by Musica Htet

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“This notation activity is based on experiential music game idea. This is an exchange game for artists from the UK & Myanmar. Artists choose words based on their freedom of speech. Words from short sentences will be displaced and move around according to the artists’ will. Each dissembled part will be assigned to different types of sonic texture.”


Graphic score

Artists' Bio

Musica Htet

Musica Htet was born in Yangon and works as a recording engineer, experimental music producer, and researcher in Southeast Asia. He studied Contra Bass extended technique and experimental music under Brian O’Reilly with further studies in speaker management and sonic texture development in sound art. Musica began his solo practice at Yangon Gallery in 2014 and released his first track overseas with other Southeast Asian experimental artists under the album name NOT YOUR WORLD MUSIC. He co-founded Noise in Yangon with Slyne Non (Crazy Eel Society) in 2017, an experimental community of energetic young musicians from different backgrounds that puts on performances, workshops, and other social activities.

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