c / a are an anonymous post-genre music, AV and performing arts duo descending from an interest in artificial intelligence, video games, experience design and post-internet art; they're pioneering 'magical digitalism' and various other surgical media procedures. Their performances present the results of a constant evolution of observations, digital profiling and high production values in the vein of Yann LeCun, Amnesia Scanner, Dasha Rush and Aphex Twin. The duo perform behind skewed interpretations of their own faces, circumnavigating the cliche of wearing 'masks'. 

Current c / a performances are focused on presenting their evolving current AV work ✰ ฿ Ł Ξ Ξ Ɖ I ₦ Ǥ  Ξ Ɖ Ǥ Ξ ✰ dubbed as a snap shot of humanity today.

Previous performance HYPER_ HOLOGRAM suggested cities are realities we construct. Here; all is intertwined. You can touch them all and dance. Started as a video sketchbook containing notes regarding studies of various open source machine learning tools, visual cues/references, personal notes, emails/design elements such as stage plans that slowly evolved into an actual performance where each were intertwined into an A/V performance.  

c l a i r e [anotherRealiti] presents an intrinsic and self-indulgent study of various ideas and concepts such as virtualpresence, artificial intelligence, sentient machines, hyper individuality and magical digitalism withthe medium of an arbitrary reconstruct; 'Realiti', a track/music video by Grimes.

c / a were selected for the SHAPE platform in 2020. 

Previous European dates: Sonar Istanbul, Today's Art

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