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Corroded Spiral

Ancient Nocturnal Summoning

December 3rd 2021

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Vital new supergroup Corroded Spiral - comprised of Sepultura co-founder Iggor Cavalera, Venezuelan electronic producer Cardopusher, and Dwid Hellion, founder of early hardcore trailblazers Integrity - announce punishing debut EP Ancient Nocturnal Summoning.

Corroded Spiral’s debut release crosses the boundaries of black metal, hardcore, new wave, industrial and EBM, a sum of decades of experience and powerful musicality from bona fide giants of their respective fields. Its three members contribute not just stylistic influence but three unique voices and a boundless ocean of abilities. “Corroded Spiral is a collaborative creation of different ideas, pushing the limits of our outputs, puzzled together during this doomed time of isolation,” explains Iggor Cavalera. “An aural assault.”

Ancient Nocturnal Summoning captures the intensity, horror and supernatural dread of its title. Its darkness is more creative and more demanding than distorted riffs or blastbeats; but instead is raw, spiritual, apocalyptic, and occasionally illuminated with sparks of melody that shimmer within a suffocating blackness. A seething tension that excavates deep, dark fissures of the soul. Opening track “Ancient Nocturnal Summoning” haunts such recesses, its ghostly vocal lines drowning beneath howling sirens of broken synthesis and a relentless industrial beat. “Through The Eyes Of Madness” invokes insanity with billowing ashclouds of noise and static, a crushing, doomladen descent into terror destined to annihilate speaker systems. Next, “Resulting Fragments Splinter Existence” runs like a destroyed new wave piece, a departure from the sonic obliteration of the previous track but an intense experience in a very different way. Hellish growls underline mutated synth arps, over a beat that could be danceable if it were not so claustrophobic. Closer “Forgotten Ether” evolves from air raid wails and inhuman screaming to tribal percussion and piercing squeals, its merciless pressure always threatening to detonate deep within the brain.

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