DJ Cheb Gero (FRA)

Label: Akuphone​

Period: Please enquire

Cheb Gero aka Fabrice Gery runs the Akuphone label, releasing archival musics, some of which is collected from never heard tribal and ethnic regions of South East Asia.

DJ sets consist of more broad range of musics, expect : Oriental, African, Asian folk, groove and beats.


A music lover and chronic collector, Cheb Gero dug his way through as many musical worlds as he could since his teens. First engrossed in the reading of extreme rock mail-order catalogues before the Internet, then stuck to peer to peer softwares in search of the most psychedelic and progressive 1960s and 70s bands from East to West, North to South.

Cheb Gero completed his music knowledge during the 8 years he spent as a record dealer. All styles and niche came to his attentive ears: from classical to popular, from mainstream to underground. His nickname illustrates the diversity of the musical worlds is wants to share; 'Cheb' is a hommage to Algerian Raï singers, whereas 'Gero' refers to a Japanese noise cult band of the same name, and to his own surname. 

In 2015, He launched Akuphone with an archaeology-like approach, the label aims at linking records to their historical and political contexts, placing them back in the social and cultural conditions in which they emerged. In the meantime, he organizes oriental focused parties in Paris and contributes to online radios such as Lyl Radio and Rinse France.

Cheb Gero’s selections are redefining of dance floor codes by bringing barely heard melodies and rhythms.



Decolonize Ur Mind - LYL Radio, resident, France:

Radio Gero – RINSE resident, France:

Radio show one-off :

=> RTU (France)


=> MELLOTRON (France) {video available soon} (SPECIAL SET WITH CASSETTES ONLY)

=> KIOSK RADIO (Belgium)



Mail: andrew[at] (UK, EU)