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WaqWaq Kingdom

Japanese musicians Shigeru Ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg / Seefeel) and Kiki Hitomi (King Midas Sound) team up for a new release under their mind-bending WaqWaq Kingdom guise, a thrilling exploration of "minyo footwork".

Together, Ishihara and Hitomi draw on imagery from traditional Japanese mythology, combining this influence with Jamaican dancehall, 8-bit techno, African polyrhythms and experimental electronic music, with plenty more helping to colour a powerful, vibrant palette.

The combined interests, abilities and scope of two hugely creative musicians (both currently based in Germany) results in a brilliant, intoxicating explosion of noise that speaks volumes to their musical powers.



Hot Pot Totto (2023)

Dokkoisho (2020)

Essaka Hoisa (2019)

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