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Milo Korbenski

Milo Korbenski is a shadowy, anonymous Brighton solo musician only publicly seen in a featureless white mask, Stetson and denim jacket. However, his deeply expressive take on lo-fi slacker indie invokes a heartfelt intimacy, singing straight from the soul. A true auteur, and inexhaustibly prolific, Milo recorded, designed and self-released a number of albums on streaming platforms (and enjoyed staggering listening figures) without any backing, and only recently signed his first record deal. The fruits of this self-releasing period are collected on 2023 release "Vol. 1", in celebration not only of his first initiation into a label roster, but also of the thrilling deftness of his songcraft. The collection explores a multitude of catchy-as-hell hooks, clever lyrical wordplay, and deceptively lean instrumentation that belies its own simplicity.



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