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Dylan Henner

Very little is known about Dylan Henner, who appeared on the experimental-ambient scene with his debut longplayer The Invention of the Human, released on AD93 in 2020 and immediately receiving a much-coveted place on BBC 6Music’s Albums Of The Year list.

Henner is not to keen on promoting himself on socials, instead choosing to communicate mostly through wondrously imaginative soundscapes and disarmingly poetic song titles (’The Sun Made the Sea Look Gold’, ’Children Were Climbing The Old Tree in the Park’, ’A Spring With The Remains Of A Fire’) and ditto visual artwork. His music comprises superbly constructed human-not-human soundscapes built from synthesized and processed voices and choirs, synthesis, marimba, and field recordings, all morphed into wide-ranging symphonies with moods ranging from serene and cerebral to alienated and desolate, referencing ambient and experimental music, sound design and filmscore.



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