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Demian Licht & Enyang Ha

Visitant's inaugural release is the tense, powerful marriage of South Korea’s Enyang Ha and Mexico’s Demian Licht, two female producers crafting thrilling, boundary-pushing experimental dance music that calls equally to the head, heart and body.

​Demian Licht - a daughter of Mexico City’s vibrant, heady dance scene - emerged in 2016 as an electrifying new voice in techno with her self-released debut Female Criminals vol. 1.

South Korea’s Enyang Ha responds raptuously to Demian. In the Korean language, enyang translates to something like silver pearl – and just as shimmering are the sounds that ensue when Enyang Ha wires her modular synths. She is classically trained in violin and piano, and is now a resident of Berlin. A highly accomplished mastering engineer, she has worked on records by the likes of Amnesia Scanner and Eartheater.



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