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Cameron Graham

Cameron Graham is a musician and artist working from a caravan in the UK. His debut release, EP Go Out, forges a unique and headspinning bridge between EDM, joyous calypso colour, cellular Glassian minimalism, and hyperrealist AI.

Creating his dizzying, dayglo MIDI explorations with drumkit triggers, UK musician Cameron Graham conjures a multitude of soundworlds from dense compositional structures. The music of debut EP Go Out touches on neon, videogame digitisation, the finessed, mechanical precision of IDM, even the rhythmic intensity of gamelan, whilst retaining a thrilling and wholly singular energy. The record is an electrifying experience, full of colour.

Cameron Graham leads masters level and undergraduate composition, studio techniques and electronic composition at the University of Surrey. He is also a visiting lecturer at City University London, teaching music journalism and critical music writing. His musical works have been commissioned by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (UK), the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra (BE), L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (FR), the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg (AT), the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (RU), United Instruments of Lucilin (LX), Riot Ensemble (UK), lovemusic collective (FR), the ZhDK Zurich (CH), soloists Jon Roskily, Shabaka Hutchins, the Solyanka Gallery and collaborative architectural bureau Bernaskoni and Zenith, among many others.



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