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'Seagulls Feast' single:



Debut LP Syzygys


Paris based duo of Iranian descent; Nima Aghiani & Sara Bigdeli Shamloo blend electronics, noise, song and classical instrumentation with visual collaborations. They frequently create for theatrical and performative theatre commissions.

The duo are part of a current wave of experimental artists finding a voice in a fast changing artistic scene in Iran. The scene is one of nurture and supportive collaboration with individuals regularly working together in bringing each other's projects to life.

Aghiani and Bigdeli are performing the second phase of their Audio Visual trilogy collaboration with CTM Berlin. The second in this series: Nocebo with CTM Berlin x SET Iran will be performed this January as a collaborative performance with Austrian visual artist Rainer Kohlberger. Nocebo enjoyed it's debut in Tehran last July, at an event dedicated specifically to the dialogue between Tehran and Berlin.


Nocebo immersive preview:

"My eyes are probably looking at a ceiling elsewhere. From beneath the sheer skin of my eyelids I can feel the forms of a painting on the ceiling; I can feel the deep greens and the gold.
Little red veins are spread all over the skin now layering the top of my iris like delicate branches of a river, seen from far above. That, overlaid on the pale face of a young shepherd playing the flute,is like a splash of sudden love, slapped on his young cheeks.
The bluebird sitting on his shoulder is as cheerful as spring itself. I can almost smell its teal wings and the touch of yellow on its neck. I follow the brush stroke that has shaped a little flower on his trousers; get lost somewhere between a faint red of a vein and a rosey-pink of a petal."


The second instalment is accompanied by an LP out via New York's PTP Records to be released in conjunction with their CTM appearance in February 2019.


Further context can be gleaned from this description via Boileroom's social media coverage: 

'SET is Tehran's rising experimental music festival, which recently held its fourth edition in collaboration with Berlin's @ctmfestival . While most coverage of music in Iran focuses on a simple narrative of 'raving against the regime', @setfest_tehran offers a more complicated story: artists undeniably affected by their home country but in no way defined or limited by it. They organise everything by the book, which has its perks - this year they held two concerts under the sweeping marble of the iconic Azadi Tower.'

9T Antiope's trilogy Isthmus:Nocebo:Placebo in summary: "Concentrated on combining sounds taken from different points in space and time, in order to create new alternative worlds and to eventually examine the possibility of substituting the existing ones."


I. In the first part of the trilogy, "Isthmus", 9T Antiope explored the possibilities of creating new worlds, using the sound identities of similar spaces, in different locations around France and Iran.

Listen: https://9tantiope.bandcamp.com/album/isthmus


II. "Nocebo" is the second phase from the trilogy "Isthmus:Nocebo:Placebo" which -in summary- concentrates on combining sounds taken from different points in space and time, in order to create new alternative worlds and to eventually examine the possibility of substituting the existing ones. "Nacebo, recounts the stories of beings, who have given up on their space and time, forcing themselves into complete isolation and eventually a voluntary coma." This coma status, is explored through images and texts, that have still remained inside the brain of one of these beings. [The extensive text is also available] and has been an exploration through our own experiences of having loved ones in coma.


9T Antiope's work has been received as perilous composition of acoustic and synthesised elements featuring noise sources, the dulcet flowing story telling vocals of Sara, as well as relics of the duo's classical foundations in the form of orchestral components.



"Absolutely gripping, immersive and surrealistic, cinema without sight."

Philip Sherborne - Pitchfork

Feature on Bandcamp Daily http://tinyurl.com/ll3aj5w

Isthmus reviewed in The Wire:

9T Antiope - 'Prophase'

Zabte Sote curated as a sub label of Opal Tapes (UK) by Ata 'Sote' Ebtekar features a track by 9T Antiope on their to be released multiple cassette (x4) compilation LP which you can hear previews of via the Zabte Sote Facebook page

9T Antiope on Zabte Sote: https://zabtesote.bandcamp.com/track/ukko


The collaboration marks a step forward in bringing Iranian sound art to the market for whom any doing business is near impossible due to sanctions on trade between Iran and the European Banking system.

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